Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways We do new concrete driveways for residential and commercial. Decorative concrete can help with any designs and shapes for your new driveway. We also do additions to the driveway. The driveways require permits from the City/ County. The permit takes about two weeks for the city for approve any work that is done on the customer’s driveway. The city also requires two inspections one for the colver and the footer. After it passes the inspection we are then allowed to begin the work. Any concrete driveway repair that passes the city line requires permits. Decorative concrete compacts the ground then we form it into any size or shape. We start the job by pouring 3,000PSI of concrete. We let the concrete cure in 28 days before we put any type of decorative finish if the customer choices.

The concrete on the driveways can also be tinted with different colors at the customer’s request proper before pouring the concrete. Once the concrete has been poured we remove the form the next day in order to insure we do not crack the concrete. Then we let it cure for 28 days and then we are able pressure wash it and apply two coats of concrete sealer. Any new addition to the driveway we are required to move any sprinklers system before we pour concrete. The removal of the sprinkler has to be done by a professional sprinkler contractor or by the owner. Any addition to the driveway has to be at least 6 feet away from the property line. We also do circular driveways; circular driveways have to be 18 feet away from one driveway to the other. Any repair or new driveway requires a new colver pipe according to the city code. Some repairs on the customer’s property does not require a permit.