Concrete Fence

Decorative Concrete Fence and Walls adds value, warmth and security to planned communities, homes, commercial, industrial and municipal sites. Concrete fencing offers the most cost-effective alternative to stone, brick or wood fences. Constructed with panels and steel reinforced systems, Decorative Concrete Specialist of South Florida, LCC builds walls designed for maximum strength and minimum maintenance. Our sophisticated double-sided design will compliment any environment while withstanding hurricane force winds. All of our walls meet the state of Florida’s building codes. To complete the aesthetics, the panels’ tongue and groove systems provide a superior finishing touch. We manufacture an install retaining walls and sound barriers.

In every pole we put two rebar number four and the concrete fiber 5,000 PSI. The walls have two rebars and caps as well. When we install the concrete fence we can go eight feet for commercial and six feet for residential or less. Every pole has to go three feet deep in the ground with concrete all the way to the top with a opening of twelve inches around for support. Every wall is cemented for better support. When we pour the concrete into the molding we vibrate it to insure that the concrete is smooth and strong. We then remove ever piece of concrete and inspect it to insure it is cured. The concrete must take 28 days to cure before installation.
•  Maintenance free
•  Hurricane approved
•  Wind barrier
•  Sound barrier
•  Increased Security
•  Superior strength
•  Perimeter walls
•  Patio enclosures
•  Trash enclosures
•  Property enclosures
•  Durability

Decorative Concrete Specialist of South Florida has a variety of different options when it comes to picking the right color for your concrete walls. The customer can choose to do acid stain, paint it, and/or color it which is mixed in with the concrete. The color can also be a natural gray and we apply concrete sealer for a natural look.